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What is the difference between moderation, facilitation, and training? How do I deal with difficult participants? How do I align the interests of participants with goals of the programme? How do I keep the discussion focused? How do I develop a programme on contentious issues? How do I manage crises?

Not only aspiring moderators, but practicing moderators also grapple with these questions and with experience develop innovative solutions to overcome these challenges some of which are inherent in the dynamic and unpredictable environment we operate in. Sharing individual successes within the region becomes all the more important not just because of similarities in issues and  environment but also to avoid reinventing the wheel! 

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Inspired and informed from the IAF’s international seminar for moderators, IAF alumni Arpita Nepal (Nepal), Iris Madeira (India) and Beena Qayyum Khan (Pakistan) took the initiative to organize a replication workshop for twelve fellow moderators from the region. Aimed to encourage sharing of best practices, the seminar enhanced the toolbox of techniques and strategies for effective moderation.

Welcoming the participants, Katrin Bannach, FNF South Asia’s Project Manager, highlighted 
the important role moderation plays in our work to generate ideas, enhance cooperation and mould ideas into actionable strategies. All of FNF’s partners in the region depend on a pool of highly skilled moderators not just to ensure achievement of programme goals through active participation but also to be able to conduct more number of programmes at the same time. 

One of more commonly shared challenge was how to deal with situations of conflict within 
programmes. Resource person Rajendra Mulmi (Search for Common Ground, Nepal) shared conceptual knowledge to help participants reflect inwards on how one feels about conflict and the various ways in which we deal with conflict. Anil Chitrakar, with years of experience in mediation and moderating high profile meetings engrossed participants with stories and strategies to create common ground among conflicting parties. Participants experienced various techniques ranging from pictograms, world café, role plays, story telling, games and energizers. 

To build on their strength in session designing, they developed detailed workshop plans for 
a one-day programme in four key focus areas-individual freedom and responsibility, free markets, limited government and the rule of law. Each group demonstrated one unique technique from these plans and received feedback on style, content, body language, etc from peers and the workshop moderators. 

In addition to skills exchange, participants got a chance to learn about the work of FNF partners in different countries and the similar challenges faced. Therefore this workshop facilitated networking among FNF’s partners at the regional level. 

There was a unanimous interest to continue the learning exchange from this workshop. Two volunteers will develop a blog, “Balloons and Blunders” as a space for moderators within South Asia to share experiences in organizing programmes to promote liberalism.


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